Friday 2 December   4.45 PM and 9.15 PM Jacqueline du Pré Music Building     £5.00

Advance booking: www.wegottickets.com


a multi-layered work combining vibrant live contributions from Oxford musical communities, vocal and instrumental, with soundscapes from the edge of town


by oxford improvisers and guests,

including contributions from:

vahni capildeo, peter allum+dan goren, cat kelly ‘rising voices’ choir, anne l. ryan , martin hackett, jill elliott, malcolm atkins, alexander hawkins, anon., etc.

sonic space in foyer

field recordings and pieces by

felicity ford, lee riley, efthymios chatzigiannis, paul mackilligin, stuart chalmers, camilla cancantata, kevin jenkins, bruno guastalla, malcolm atkins

synaesthetics (free performance 7.45 to 8.15)

‘synaesthetics’ is a collaborative project aiming to explore the intertextual relationships between vision and sound, through an investigation of the similarities and differences between audio and video processing techniques. Efthymios Chatzigiannis (music) and Dariusz Dziala (VJ) create an immersive environment through real time audio and video interventions.

see example

and… a probable visit

from the excellent  CAFE REASON Butoh Dance Theatre at some point during the proceedings…

Workshops and rehearsals are held throughout the month,
contact cohesionfestival@gmail.com or 01865 721564 if you wish to take part.

if you want to get an idea of the process so far, see these pages:

sound foray


Event convened by Malcolm Atkins and Bruno Guastalla


An electroacoustic composition by

Efthymios Chatzigiannis

This piece is a study of the sonic topography of the city of Oxford. It is composed using sounds collected in the periphery of the city and creates a sonic map of its boundaries. The piece is divided in four sections and follows a route around the edges of Oxford: it begins underneath a bridge at the intersection of river Thames and the Southern bypass, moves on to Tesco at the Oxford Retail Park, then to Redbridge Recycling Centre, and finally to a footbridge over the A34 motorway. Each section imitates the soundscape of the corresponding location, while also using sounds from the other locations that have similar characteristics in an effort to explore the sonic similarities of the places in question.

about Boundaries:

A simple idea which developed in conversation with Malcolm Atkins, talking about cohesion, was that because the fact of coherent identity is rooted in difference, boundary is a component charged with meaning. For example what happens at the edge of a town ? Does it say anything specific about the location, other than being of itself at that particular time? Is it that sonic activities which can be recorded – which are much like of any other towns’ ring roads and shopping centres- carry nevertheless powerfully specific and meaningful signs of our collective existence in the city?

And in the process of creating, what happens when juxtaposition of disparate forces is attempted in moving towards a cohesive performance situation? It appears that in its small parts and its whole, local attempt at the idea of cohesion largely consists of the creation of boundaries to the other side of which disintegration is kept out.

B. G.

Contact: cohesionfestival@gmail.com

Advance booking: www.wegottickets.com

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