Saturday 26 November  8.00PM

Jacqueline du Pré Music Building  Saint Hilda’s College, Cowley Place Oxford OX4 1DY £9/£6

  • Africana World-2 (Wadada Leo Smith) + a new piece written especially for Oxford Improvisers Orchestra
  • Scarlet Ibis then Constellation for trumpet and orchestra (Alexander Hawkins)
  • Orchestral conduction by Pat Thomas

The orchestra for this performance consists of members of Oxford Improvisers and other musicians who took part in workshops led by Wadada during his stay in Oxford:

Athena Corcoran-Tadd, Chris Cundy, Red Square, Janna Ferrett, Belinda Bell

There will be a free pre-concert talk by Wadada Leo Smith at 6.30 pm

Part of COHESION Festival 2011

Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith is one of the outstanding American musicians of his generation. A ground-breaking trumpeter and composer, he was a key member of the seminal Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Alongside artists such as Henry Threadgill, Anthony Braxton and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, he has pioneered new possibilities in creative music, and in so doing, created a compelling body of work, ranging from solo musics through to orchestral compositions.


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