“Boundaries” sounds foray

As part of Cohesion Festival 2011, the performance on the 2nd December at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building in Oxford will include samples and arrays of sounds collected at the periphery of the city of Oxford.
Would you like to take part in an exciting project collecting sounds??

On Sunday 6th November, at 2PM, we will meet at the bottom of Lake Street (South Oxford Community Centre) (map)

The periphery is the seat of a lot of meaningful activity with interesting sonic properties, even on a sunday afternoon, and we had thought of the following to go and sample:

  • Underneath the ring road, bottom of Abingdon Road
  • Tesco supermarket cowley fresh food area (extractor fan sounds especially)
  • Sainsbury’s or tesco self service tills
  • River bridges
  • Mini BMW car works (this needs still investigating and seeing whether we would be allowed there)
  • Any other places which might be representative of the periphery

how will the samples be used?
in two ways:

  • in a live performance context as part of the “Boundaries” piece (see details here ),where samples are directly used as material to play, also to be played as a” wash ” underneath other sounds
  • as a sound installation in the foyer of the Jdp on the day of the performance.

On bicycle, or sharing cars, we can get to our foraging areas, if you have portable wav recorders (zoom or equivalent) it would be great, otherwise just bring your ears.

Do let me know if you want to take part, or if you would like to contribute samples, but not take part in the foray, or if you are more interested in combining them for the foyer piece. CONTACT: Bruno:  07532 187113 or leave a message below in the comment box

This is a free event, part of COHESION FESTIVAL 2011

3 Responses to SOUNDS FORAY

  1. SelectaSound says:

    I am very interested in taking part in this

  2. Martin Beek says:

    Great to hear this work.

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