Oxford Improvisers was established in 2001 to promote concerts and provide a source of relevant information and to continue the work begun by the Oxford Improvisers’ Co-Operative in the 1980s.

Our activities: We run concerts at a variety of venues around Oxford, read our announcement list. We also run a regular informal playing session most Mondays at 7:30pm in the foyer at Brookes University, Richard Hamilton Building, Headington Campus – interested musicians please contact us. We are also always interested in new musicians to join the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra.

Membership list


COHESION FESTIVAL 2011 is managed by a team of volunteers largely issued from OXFORD  IMPROVISERS:

Julian Faultless, Malcolm Atkins, Anne Ryan, Lee Riley, Bruno Guastalla, Pat Thomas (members of Oxford Improvisers)

Alexander Hawkins

with the support of:

Dr Paul Whitty (Brookes University)

Prof. Eric Clarke (Music Faculty, University of Oxford)

in association with:

Pegasus Theatre

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