Next W’shop: Monday 28th November  7.30pm

“Boundaries” open rehearsal, all welcome (whether participating in performance on 2nd of Dec. or not)

workshops leading to performance on 2nd December at Jacqueline du Pre Music Building

7.30 PM every Monday

Free admission

Richard Hamilton Building , Oxford Brookes Uni, Headington Hill, Oxford ,  first floor foyer. (map)

These public workshops can happen thanks to the support of

Oxford Brookes University

who are providing the venue.

Workshops are open to anyone wishing to participate in the performance on the 2nd of December. The first four will cover general improvising and collaborating techniques and the last three will be specific rehearsals for the performance  of Boundaries .

interested or curious?

contact:, or via a comment at the bottom of this page, or by phone: 01865 721564 or 01865 244798

POSSIBLE MATERIAL is where elements (sounds, scores, visual material) which may be used in the performance on the 2nd are made available.

SOUNDS FORAY to collect sounds at the periphery of the town took place Sunday 6th nov 2011


  • Oct 17th  Conduction and large group playing. 

This will be open to anyone interested in trying large group improvisation – instruments or voices are welcome. We will try out conducted improvisation as well as other methods of enabling a large group of players to work together.

Facilitators:  Pat Thomas, Bruno Guastalla

  • Oct 24th  Voice conduction

 Phil Minton ideas and “standard conduction” used for voice.

Facilitators: Julian Faultless, Malcolm Atkins, Anne Ryan

This will be focus on techniques for collective improvisation using voice.  We will try out different methods of conducting singing as well as text instructions to get people experimenting with their voices.

  • Oct 31st  Wadada Leo Smith his life and work.

Using his techniques to structure work

Facilitators:  Pat Thomas, Alex Hawkins, Julian Faultless

This will be an introduction to the work of Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith who will be our guest for the festival (performing on 24th and 26th November)

  • Nov 7th   Collaborating with dancers

Facilitators: Bruno Guastalla , Malcolm Atkins

This will introduce ideas for working with improvised dance. Dancers are welcome to attend this session as well as musicians.

The following three rehearsals are to prepare for the performance of Boundaries on 2nd December. Please attend these rehearsals if you would like to perform in this piece. They will recap on conducted improvisation; rehearse specific pieces for voices and instruments (using a conductor) and run through the whole work.

  • Nov 14th     Rehearsal 1 for Boundaries

Facilitators:  Malcolm Atkins;  Bruno Guastalla

great photos of the workshop by Pier Corona: photos

  • Nov 21st     Rehearsal 2 for Boundaries

Facilitators: Julian Faultless; Malcolm Atkins; Anne Ryan; Bruno Guastalla


  • Nov 28th     Rehearsal 3 for Boundaries

Facilitators: Julian Faultless; Malcolm Atkins; Anne Ryan; Bruno Guastalla

COHESION FESTIVAL 2011 is supported by Arts Council England

Oxford Improvisers Orchestra in 2003 ( photo by Kohi)

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  1. Tim Bushnell says:

    Thank you for an evening of mental stimulation and fun.

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